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Related article: Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2006 10 00th 15 EST From: Mikkiwriter aol. com Subject: Benedict Park School for Boys Chapter One Benedict Park School for Boys Posted by Mikkiwriter This story is a follow up of the very popular "son of the maid " in the series Benedict Park School is a private school in the heart of England. It 530 schoolchildren aged 12 to 18 years of age. This is a traditional school located in a Victorian mansion in 5000 acres of parkland, making it Junior Models whole. Recently, former prefect, model student Joshua Matthews back to school n as the youngest champion. Joshua was surprised to see that despite leaving school in the same year s it was, Robert Hargreaves Black was a major benefactor of the School. Joshua was surprised that s when he came to his interview with the role as a champion to carry the story Junior Models that the new head teacher was none other s of his former chief of the annual Grainger. Joshua was a little nervous to begin work on his old school. He still had memories good and bad of theSite. Ms. Dexter, the newly appointed deputy Joshua head was in his room and was surprised that shared nothing but the old rooms that once had with Rob and Andy recently with the Dean. Josh soon felt at home. Josh remembered that he had on his last day at school with Rob and Andy, he hid a note in an old tin can, put the blocks the fireplace. Josh went to the fireplace and put his hand to view, tin old can still was there. He pulled it down and saw that it was four characters and not the three that were originally created to remember that Junior Models Dean Junior Models was a year younger, he thought he must have given a letter when it was n. Josh opened each letter individually, and the happy memories of school days is flooding back, but then there was a knock at the door. Josh went to there are two men. " Hello," said one: "I am, and Andrew Parker This is James Reynolds, we think ourselves. " "I'm Josh Matthews happening. " sit Josh James Andrew in the chair and sat on the couch ramshackle. Andrew explained that he and Josh and James were new masters in school and were difficult to Josh falls to resolve smiled and said. "I have settled in well, but I guess that age a child is like coming home to me. " James said," We can not find the cafeteria, I know it is here somewhere, "laughed Josh and said, " Come, I will show you everything, I know this place as in the palm of my hand. " " It is very quiet now, just wait until the boys again tomorrow, there will be chaos if there is nothing like it used to be what they are really a child? "Said Andrew. " Yes, it's just a boy, but the former prefect, "" Wow, I bet you used to have a good time here as a child! Ha, " James said. " Of course we did, in fact, I think Grainger tries to tell me something, I was assigned to the room she shared with a group of big boys. " Josh said. Rooms younger children are along this shortMeridor and older boys are there together. " " This room is the dining room of students and staff dining room is there, " Josh, Josh opened the Junior Models door to student dining memories of old times Milton to frighten younger children Josh entered the dining room staff at the school that was never in Mr. Grainger stood up and said, "Ladies and gentlemen : \\ \\ n, I love you all to our three new s gentlemen, welcome Joshua Matthews, Andrew Parker and James Reynolds. Mr. Matthews are some of the teachers more recognized as a former prefect of the school will be teacher of history. Mr. Parker is a professor of mathematics and Mr. Reynolds is the teaching of chemistry. " Josh James Andrew and Josh all got together and looked at the food and smiled when he realized that he had not started no better in recent years. Jacob sat next to Josh and the more is known than is to start really like it. at the end of the meal he asked Josh Grainger reached his orficin. Josh got nervous in front of the Senate, while Grainger was called phone. Grainger s finally finished his call and called Josh in " Come and sit young, " Josh sat down and said, "Why do you see want director? " N "Look very concerned" , Grainger said, smiling. "I asked you here to ask to start work as head of the first year of this year, Mr. Green should be to take it, but he has decided not to return this term, so we need someone \\ \\ n fast " " would be an honor, but surely there Junior Models 's someone here who was a , while the right one ? " " Well, I guess, but you can really imagine, Mr. Harris and Miss West the head of year, " " Well, maybe not wet Junior Models Harris or West Junior Models of the scourge of what we used to call, "said Josh, smiling n " so that's what the guys name? " Grainger asked with a smile. " This was done in our days Yes, but I'm not sure about the kids today n " However, as I said, no one else I can think is appropriate for this havethat the role of this year. So please think about it and let me know by n morning, so I smiled at the prefects, the year is the year of his head briefly if they return to school tomorrow, "said Grainger n Josh: "OK, I will assume the role. So, what are the type of current batch Prefect? "I asked. " Well, they are good, but I still think the best prefects This school has had recently, Hargreaves, Milton, Brookes, and even sometimes wondered what you and the other passes, we see very Hargreaves times "was Grainger to say " Brookes is actually a complete medical and is now in a working group hospital in Africa to help children.. Milton, the last thing I heard was about the working conditions is the song of a cruise ship and the last time I saw Hargreaves was the opening of a wing new children's hospice of your people with Bennett his side, " Grainger : " I always knew that Milton would make a great singer who had ever is a good voice, " " Well, sir, I think I will be back in front of my TV room andhit the sack " " OK Matthews, and I thank you for your help "was Josh out of the office and returned to his room, but left , he realized the old bedroom. where s the end of his left stay in school for Josh went and looked around and saw something that realized your eye a spot of vandalism, said:. " Dr. JM Luvs "The remembered he would have had good times with Dominic Reed, began to break if he remembered the cute guy in the face, and the last time you saw him in tragic morning, as they waved to the Cathedral returned to his University on a cold January morning, and lost control of his car on the ice a die immediately as the car sped off the road into a tree. Josh left the room to mourn James saw Josh out of the bedroom and noticed that he looked excited. James shouted " Mr. Matthews is good for you ? " " Yes, I'm fine, thank you Mr. Reynolds, had just bought back some memories to me, " Josh said, wiping away tears. Jacobsmiled " I hope happy memories ? " " Yes, they were happy memories. In fact, I was reminded of an ex -boyfriend for me, unfortunately died recently in a terrible car accident and I remembered the the good times in this same hall of residence, "said Josh smiled divided James:" I understand why you are angry, " " No matter I have some news Grainger has appointed me to the new. Head Year 1 " I get the party back to my room for a drink ? ". Asked Josh James said,"Wow really is good news ? And as for the drink, yes, why not, " James and Josh talked about the alumni, as it passes through the aisles for the rooms. Josh opened the door and looked at the sexy blonde guy as last s in the room. Josh James reached out and began to kiss him, even though James recently split with long time friend James did not resist. vi n sexy in blue Josh James ' eyes and smiled, and he slowly undid the bind n and his shirt buttons one after another shows her sexySix Pack hairy chest. Josh began to undo his belt and pants unzipped fixed James Gray, dropped slowly to the ground. James was moaning as Josh slowly licked his body near his store now white boxer. Josh James then led to her bedroom and closed the door. The next morning, Josh woke up around 00 hours of the 05th and sat there and saw that James was sleeping next to him. James woke up an hour later and saw Josh and smiled. James was Josh a kiss and said, "I never thought I would have sex with another man, but last night was so good," smiled Josh back, "Well, I knew that Junior Models as soon as I saw you, I wanted to use sex with you. But now I think it should stand or be late for room : n " " Yes, and I have to go back to my room to change clothes. I think that moving the tongue when I get the same clothes as the " have. Josh laughed. He said : " You borrow one of my shirts and ties, if you like" James " Cool" n the two new lover left the room with Josh in a black dressSuit, white shirt and blue tie and James wearing the same gray suit, but with a white shirt and pink tie. Breakfast was early, and then n Josh was called to the reception area where he met with the three prefects assigned to the first view inputs Year. Josh went to the reception and immediately went to the prefect and said, "OK, guys, I'm Mr. Matthews and you're " One of the boys high and blonde spiky hair boy said : "I am Daniel Johnson Junior Models This is Grant Davies" to a slightly shorter black hair, ", and that black is Robert. ", while the other guy I was at the level of as the big boy, but with strong brown hair. " Well, Johnson, Davies and black hope to be ready for a year of hell that if the early years are as bad as they were in my time, God help us All" Josh smiled. Davies boys laughed and offered "Are you very young then, my lord ? " " Yes, a child of age and governors, look, my name is on the plate with Milton Hargreaves pageBlack, and Brookes. Boy, that did not usually have a good time ", Josh said with a big smile on his face There was then a Mercedes SL600 roadster stopped and a blonde received from a small black hair that is often very nervous. Josh said : " Mr. right, places, time for work," Josh on the clipboard on the desk and went to the wife of s. " Good morning and welcome to Benedict Park. I am Mr. Matthews, and are ? " The woman smiled," Good morning, Mr. Matthews, I'm Elizabeth Thompson Jones and this is my son, Edward, " smiled Josh the boy and said, " Hi Edward, welcome to Benedict Johnson Park, will take young Edward for floor 6 rooms 1 and help you unpack? Thank you, " said Johnson:" Yes I do, sir, "Johnson one of the three bags and picked Edwards saw the boy smiled and said," Ok Edward come with me, " " the truth is all you need to do now, just sign the form and you can do Mrs. Jones Thompson" Josh Ms. Thompson said Jones smiled : " Yes,I know the process. I'll be back tomorrow with my other son William, is a third year, but I can not say I've heard, we call Mr. Matthews ' n Josh smiled and said : "This is probably because I have only this term is " half past four hours later and then Josh Johnson, Davies and Schwarz was finally signed in the last of the new trainee. Josh was exhausted and began to understand that most of these children simply as it was when I was your age. Only on the road for the mom grabs the a a boarding school. But Josh knew exactly how he spent years in Parque Benito with all your friends were the best Junior Models years of his life. Josh I also knew that for him and for all new men and boys in school.... exciting new journey had just begun therefore, James and Josh helps to Junior Models look at each other, and what do Prefect get up after hours ? All this is revealed in the future chapter. Mikkiwriter aol. com for all the comments Benedict Park School for Girls Copyright 2006 MikkiWriter
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